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Here at Exel Wines we are proud to be a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who love what we do.  We want our customers to enjoy the world of wines and spirits as much as we do.  We source products from every far flung corner of the globe to ensure that we offer an extensive range encompassing everything from the perennial favourites to the slightly more unusual. You are welcome to browse our range in peaceful contemplation but should you wish to talk to us or if there is a particular wine you’ve been struggling to find elsewhere, please feel free to get in touch.  You can call us on 01738 493535 or email us at orders@exelwines.co.uk and we will do our very best to help you.

Exel Wines is an independent company based in Perth, Scotland where we have a shop as well as our main warehouse and offices.  The shop at 47 South St is a small but perfectly formed Aladdin’s Cave of fine wine, rare whisky, all manner of spirits and liqueurs as well as some carefully selected Scottish beers and ciders.  The staff are knowledgeable and friendly – they relish the opportunity to spend time chatting to like-minded people and are always happy to help.


Ca'Vittoria Appassimento Gold Release 2015 (1x 75cl)

Fans of the steeped Valpolicella wines – Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso – will love this, especially as it does what an Amarone does at barely half the price. Merlot (25%) makes up the body of the wine while Puglian specialities Primitivo (15%) and Negroamaro (60%) lend it their fruity depth of flavour. But it is less the varietals and more the winemaking process that makes this special: instead of the traditional Veneto passito method used with the Valpolicellas - in which the grapes are picked and then allowed to dry to concentrate flavours and sugars - the Puglian appassimento method sees the grapes left in-situ on the vines to dry for a fortnight, ahead of picking and winemaking. The effect is the same: a wine which has deep colour and a rich luscious nose and palate full of sweet ripe dark cherries, plums, vanilla, and raisins. Result: seriously fruity and wonderfully easy drinking. It’s a great wine for roasted and grilled meats and game dishes.

Springfield Estate Wild Yeast Chardonnay 2014 (1x 75cl)

The Wild Yeast Chardonnay is fermented using the native, wild yeasts that occur naturally on the skins of the grapes, thereby avoiding the addition of ‘external’ yeasts. Whilst it can be risky and stressful for the winemaker to use these natural yeasts, and necessitates a very slow fermentation of 6-9 months (rather explaining the vintage), the resulting wine is stunning. It’s not aged in oak and so has a lightness as well as an expressive ripeness that matches many dishes and occasions.

Aaldering Pinotage 2007 (1x 75cl)

Distinct flavours of liquorice raspberry and a touch of vanilla. The smokey palette gives way to soft tannins. A full bodied wine with good ageing potential. All red wines are matured in french oak vats easily potable but with unbelievable maturation potential. A highly sophisticated wine making process produces premium red and white wines with the assistance of a devoted staff recruited from the adjacent communities.
£25.44 £17.50

1958 de Ortubia Reserva 2006 (1x 75cl)

Spanish reds – and particularly Rioja – still offer incredible value for money. You can, we know, get great Rioja for a tenner. But spend just a little more and you get something quite wonderful. Hence this 2006 Ortubia. The 1958, as they call it, is Bodegas Ortubia’s finest wine: hand-picked grapes, small production runs, 100% Tempranillo (very unusual for Rioja), their finest land: this is one boutique Rioja. Aged in a mix of American and French oak, a raft of spicy flavours mingle with the big black fruit flavours. This is in prime drinking condition - we’ve done the ageing for you - and a rare opportunity to find a Rioja of this age and quality at this price.
Something Special for Christmas! Wine tasting Wednesday 16 November Start time - 6.30pm Exel Wines Shop - 47 South Street, Perth
I recently attended a wine tasting hosted by Liberty Wines in Edinburgh. They are one of our main suppliers so I was keen to try some new wines from them.
Great Perthshire Picnic 03 August 2016
As part of the Great Perthshire Picnic, a month long festival celebrating the best of local produce and home grown talent, we are holding three tasting events at our shop on South Street, Perth.