Botter Prosecco Spumante Non Vintage (1x 75cl)

This Prosecco is one of our best sellers and the reason is easy to see – it’s both great and great value. It’s crisp without being too dry, is pale in colour and has delicate yet complex flavours with fruity notes that remind of peaches, green apples and flowers. Wonderfully fresh and light.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Grape Variety: Prosecco
Availability: 14 in stock
Delivery: Next day when ordered by 12pm
Product Code: ITVE0194BNVS
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Ca'Vittoria Appassimento Gold Release 2015 (1x 75cl)

Fans of the steeped Valpolicella wines – Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso – will love this, especially as it does what an Amarone does at barely half the price. Merlot (25%) makes up the body of the wine while Puglian specialities Primitivo (15%) and Negroamaro (60%) lend it their fruity depth of flavour. But it is less the varietals and more the winemaking process that makes this special: instead of the traditional Veneto passito method used with the Valpolicellas - in which the grapes are picked and then allowed to dry to concentrate flavours and sugars - the Puglian appassimento method sees the grapes left in-situ on the vines to dry for a fortnight, ahead of picking and winemaking. The effect is the same: a wine which has deep colour and a rich luscious nose and palate full of sweet ripe dark cherries, plums, vanilla, and raisins. Result: seriously fruity and wonderfully easy drinking. It’s a great wine for roasted and grilled meats and game dishes.


Ponte Del Diavolo Pinot Grigio Grave Del Friuli 2014 (1x 75cl)

Let’s be clear: there are too many ‘ordinary’ Pinot Grigios out there: this is not one of those. Rather, it has proved itself a firm favourite with the Perthshire restaurants we supply. The Ponte del Diavolo wines take their name from the spectacular medieval bridge in the nearby town of Cividale. The story goes that the Devil struck a bargain with the townspeople, promising to make them a bridge in return for the soul of the first living thing to cross it. The cunning citizens sent a dog or cat across, depending on the variation of the story, thereby saving themselves and gaining a wonderful bridge. Make of that what you will: what is beyond doubt is that this is a superior Pinot Grigio. The vineyards are located on the well-drained and superior soils of Grave del Friuli which are to the north-east of Venice, between the Alps and the Adriatic. Bright lemon in colour with a lively, freshly-cut pear and baked bread character on the nose it has great elegance on the palate (ripe pears, a touch of sherbet and even nuts). This goes well with fish starters or even baked Camembert and has a freshness that makes it a great aperitif.

Domaine Debray Volnay France 2008 (1x 75cl)

We took into stock a number of of Debray’s 2008 offerings some years ago, have kept them perfectly and they are now in great shape for drinking. Volnay, from the middle of the Cote de Beaune, has always offered the the lighter and fruitier side of red Burgundy (red fruits: redcurrants, cherry, raspberry, strawberry) and this one does that in spades, with the flavours of ageing now nicely laid down among these.