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Peller Family Estates Vidal Icewine half bottle 2015 (1x 37.5cl)

A gold yellow colour with an aromatic bouquet of lemon marmalade, carmelized oranges, golden pineapple and a touch of honey. A rich, medium to full-bodied wine with explosive flavours of honey, golden pineapple, star anise and brown sugar. Sweet citrus and star fruit linger on the finish.

Pieropan Le Colombare Recioto Di Soave 2011 (1x 50cl)

An intense gold in colour, with perfumes of dried apricots and lightly toasted almonds, it has a perfectly balanced palate, with just the right level of delicate sweetness offset by a freshness on the finish.  Lovely, rich, almost exotic fruit on the palate, with a baked peaches character and long, perfumed finish.

Royal Tokaji Birsalmas 2008 (1x 50cl)

This wine is rich and sweet with a fine acidity. It's smooth and creamy with flavours of orange peel, nuts and honey.

Royal Tokaji Blue Label 2009 (1x 50cl)

A perfect example of a five puttonyos wine with a fresh bouquet of orange peel and flowers.


Royal Tokaji Essencia 2007 (1x 37.5cl)

Ultra rich and ripe, displaying complex flavours of orange, honey, toffee and nuts. Liquid gold.

Royal Tokaji Gold Label 2013 (1x 50cl)

Roasted almond and orange scent combine with rich flavours of peach and orange.

Royal Tokaji Nyulaszo 2008 (1x 50cl)

Aromas of toasted nuts and orange peel combine with creamy, vanilla notes on the palate.

Santadi Latinia half bottle 2010 (1x 37.5cl)

An intense amber colour, with a delicate bouquet of flowers and honeyed fruit tones and rounded off with a slight oaky tones. Rich and mouthfilling with a fresh clean length.

Schloss Vollrads Riesling Auslese half bottle 2010 (1x 37.5cl)

The colour is bright golden with green hints. The nose is fresh with typical mineral complexity and apple and stone fruits of great Riesling. The palate is refreshing with its fine citrus acidity to balance the lingering sweetness on the finish. The 2009 has a lovely purity of fruit flavours, with apricot, pineapple, peach flavours intermingling alongside a touch of honeyed richness.


Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling 2015 (1x 37.5cl Half)

This is special stuff. Made with extreme care by Seifried in NZ’s South Island, the Sweet Agnes is pure, late-harvested Riesling: left on the vine, the grapes gain even greater ripeness, lose moisture and so become incredibly sweet (the wine’s sugar content is ~180g/litre). It’s almost amber in colour, and its flavours include lemon sherbet, marmalade, tropical fruits and butterscotch. It’s quite irresistible on its own and delicious with fruity puddings or tangy cheeses (particularly blue cheeses – it really is amazing with these).

Selvapiana Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina 2009 (1x 50cl)

Deep amber in colour with perfumes of dried fruits on the nose. This wine is intense, rich and luscious, the sweetness balanced by good acidity and concentration, ensuring a fresh finish.

Trimbach Gewurztraminer Sgn 2007 (1x 75cl)

Apricots, white peach, lemon, rose and beeswax. A wine with unbelievable depth and rich, concentrated fruits on the palate. Brilliantly balanced by the zesty acidity with such power and fullness. Decadence in a bottle.

Trimbach Pinot Gris Vendange Tardive 2008 (1x 75cl)

The botrytized, apricot and mango-scented wine has bags of elegance. It is medium bodied, beautifully structured and very well-balanced. White peaches are explicitly evident adding complexity to this powerful, delicate and silky smooth wine.

Vondeling Sweet Carolyn 2012 (1x 75cl)

Colour: A multi-layered wine with a deep amber colour. Nose: The nose delights with soft peach aromas, fresh pineapple and ripe apricot. This almost overwhelming bouquet is aptly supported by floral jasmine and fynbos honey. Palate: The mouth-watering sweetness is cut by tangy acidity to provide a lingering after taste.
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