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Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon (1x 70cl)

Mingling multiple Bourbon recipes is an art in itself. Four original and limited Bourbon recipes have been expertly selected by their Master Distiller at the peak of maturation to create a perfectly balanced Small Batch Bourbon that rewards you with a mellow symphony of rich, spicy flavors along with sweet, fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. Finishes soft, smooth and pleasantly long. Best enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or with a splash. 45% alcohol/volume.

Glayva Liqueur (1x 70cl)

The spirit is created from an exotic fusion of the finest aged Scotch malt whiskies, a carefully selected range of spices, Mediterranean tangerines, cinnamon, almonds and honey. Because of all these different ingredients, Glayva has a very distinctive and pleasant taste. Surprisingly smooth and sweet, with a hint of cinnamon and spices, it really tastes like nothing else!

Glen Garioch 12 Years Old miniature (1x 5cl)

A little-known gem from the Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum. Matured in both bourbon and sherry casks, this Glen Garioch is a wonderfully balanced whisky. On the nose it shows heather notes, alongside pear and the sweetness of the barley. On the palate creme brulee and sweet ripe banana followed by soft oak and pear on the finish.

Glen Moray Speyside single malt 16 Year Old (1x 70cl)

Slightly fermented grape juice, liquorice, dusty powder paint, cocoa and chopped Brazil nuts. Very fruity and floral on the palate.

Glenfarclas 21 Years Old (1x 70cl)

A very well rounded whisky that nearly always merits a second glass. It is dark amber, gold in appearance with an intense notes of tropical fruit, sweet spice, vanilla, citrus and sherry soaked fruit. The palate is full bodied, rich and rounded that slowly unveils flavours of ripe fruits, sweet spice and wood smoke. The finish goes on and on with a hint of velvety chocolate.

Glenfarclas Mini Tri-Pack (10,12,105) (1x 5cl)

A trio of miniature from Glenfarclas which contains:1 x 5cl Glenfarclas 10 year old,1 x 5cl Glenfarclas 12 year old,1 x 5 cl Glenfarclas 105 cask strength.

Glenkinchie Glenkinchie 12 Years Old (1x 20cl Quarter)

This subtly sophisticated Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a superb pre-dinner drink; try it with a few drops of water.Nose - Aromatic, vanilla, cut flowers and beneath, a clean, toasty note. Increasingly sweet and creamy, with fresh citrus, lemon cheesecake.Body - Light, smooth.Palate - Crisp mid-palate then butter icing, lemon cheesecake and freesias.Finish - Herbal and drying, a little like potpourri.


Glenlivet Founders Reserve (1x 70cl)

To truly capture the essence of George Smith’s vision, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve has been created using the time-honoured distillation methods that he introduced so long ago. Made with water from the same crystal-clear mountain streams, in the same cold, pure air, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is as smooth and fruity as the whisky that first ran from the original copper pot stills. These unique, lantern-shaped copper stills, designed by the man himself, are not the only important tools in our distilling legacy.The traditional oak casks in which we mature the whisky give each expression its own distinct characteristics. When George Smith began distilling, The Glenlivet had no age statements and he selected whisky from casks of a range of ages. We have replicated this freedom with The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, selecting whisky from a variety of traditional aged oak casks. Then, to lend a modern twist to the flavour of the expression, Master Distiller Alan Winchester marries together a selection of the aged oak casks and American first-fill oak casks. American first-fill oak casks are those that have never before been used to mature whisky. Selective use of these casks provides a smooth, creamy sweetness that mingles harmoniously with the delicate flavours and complex fruity tones already present in the whisky.

Glenlossie Flora & Fauna 10 Year Old (1x 70cl)

Sweet, lightly fruity, well balanced, with just a whiff of smoke.

Glenturret Triple Wood (1x 70cl)

A combination of American sherry oak, European sherry oak and American bourbon oak casks have been used to create the distinct oaky flavour of the Triple Wood Edition.Appearance: Deep burnished gold, clear and bright.Aroma: Fresh orange peel, vanilla and peardrops.Taste: Cedarwood, cinnamon coated marzipan and a hint of coconut.Finish: Lingering oakiness.

Highland Park 12 Years Old (1x 70cl)

Highland Park 12 exhibits the key flavours associated with this great whisky. Heather and honey on the nose and palate with a soft smoky finish. A supremely balanced whisky this also is a great introduction to smokier whiskies.

Inchgower INCHGOWER SINGLE MALT 14 Year Old (1x 70cl)

A conundrum, in which the aromatics, and even the flavour, change continually.Deep amber.Nose - Rich and deep and faintly toffied. After a while offers some short-crust pastry and fruit, then vaguely 'gun-metal'.Body - Medium bodied and mouth filling.Palate - Sweet overall, but also curiously mouth-drying, with some salt and traces of oil.Finish - A saccharine-bitter finish that leaves an aftertaste of almonds.

Isle Of Jura 16 Years Old Duirachs Own (1x 70cl)

Rich & full-bodied withhints of citrus fruit and toffeeThis is one patient customer - biding its time for 14 years in American white oak before spending a final two years in ex-Amoroso Oloroso sherry casks for an unbelievably full-bodied finish. Christmas seems to come early with all sorts of treats – dark chocolate, orange and honey. Its 16-year odyssey has provided countless flavours for you to explore.

Isle Of Jura Prophecy (1x 70cl)

A complex and well-structured whisky, it was aged in bourbon, sherry and Limousin oak casks then non chill filtered. A fiery golden amber in colour, the nose has aromas of bonfire smoke and smoky, spicy sea spray. The palate has powerful peat smoke and spicy sea spray notes with flavours of liquorice, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Lagavulin 16 Years Old (1x 20cl Quarter)

Aged in oak casks for at least sixteen years, this much sought-after single malt has the massive peat-smoke that's typical of southern Islay - but also offering a dryness that turns it into a truly interesting dram.An intense, peat-smoke nose with seaweed and some sweetness, salty and sweet flavours with hints of wood and a long peaty-salt finish.
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