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Ledaig Peaty Single Malt 10 Year Old (1x 70cl)

This extraordinary and distinguished hand-crafted single malt is the distillery’s signature smoky expression.For ten full years, oak wood casks lie in rest in ancient vaults.Within them, the aromatic Lochan waters commune with the peated malted barley to create a deep golden treasure that is both floral and smoky.Ledaig is one of our exquisite peated single malts, an integral part of the Tobermory family, and sits beautifully alongside our signature malts.Unchill-filtered @ 46.3% ABV.

Macallan 1989 Sherry Finish "Celebration of the Cask" (1x 70cl)

A 1989 vintage and aged 25 years old, matured in a Hogshead cask this is a lovely, lovely single malt. With a gentle 42.5% alcohol volume, it all comes together as a fantastic, mellow whisky. Only 280 bottles have been released.

Michters US Number 1 Bourbon (1x 70cl)

Made from a carefully selected mash bill that features the highest quality American corn. It is then matured to the peak of perfection, with barrels often ageing in excess of eight years. Truly “small batch,” each batch is typically composed of no more than two dozen barrels, leaving no margin for “blending out” imperfection and thus necessitating excellence from every barrel. It has flavours of rich caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky depth, with an oak finish.

Morrison And Mackay Big Strand Islay Single Malt (1x 70cl)

The Big Strand promises aromas of smoke, liquorice and salt so it will attract the fans of peated Islay malts. The name of the distillery that gave birth to this whisky is not mentioned on the label but the potential candidates can be counted on the fingers... The Big Strand is a whisky without age statement but we learn that this single malt has not been colored and is unchilfiltered. The Big Strand single malt whisky is named after the long sandy beach that spreads on the island between Laggan Point in the north and The Oa peninsula in the south.

Nikka Pure Malt White (1x 50cl)

Intense smoke and peat aromas dominate this whisky’s palate, complemented by slight salty and vegetal notes. A thrilling whisky for those who appreciate peaty whisky, this will satisfy the boldest whisky drinkers. This pure malt never loses its characteristic Japanese touch.

Old Perth Blended Malt Batch 5 (1x 70cl)

Old Perth Scotch Whisky was originally created in the early 1900’s in the city of Perth by the Thomson family, well known grocers in the City. By the late 1970, a rationalisation, sadly, saw the brand disappear. Brought back to life as a blended malt in 2013 by Morrison & MacKay as a celebration of Perth’s illustrious past in the whisky industry, the brand is the only whisky now blended in Perthshire.

Old Perth Peaty Cask No 2 (1x 70cl)

Described as ‘ belching with reek’ this peaty blended malt whisky is the first in a new peaty series to be released. With a label that draws its inspiration from the Victorian Chimney heads or “Grannies” of Old Perth this is great value smoky whisky for peat lovers everywhere.

Old Pulteney 12 Years Old (1x 70cl)

A beautiful maritime malt from Wick. Defined by pepper spice it has long stylish and warming finish.

Peats Beast Sherry Finish - Cask Strength (1x 70cl)

Notes by Richard Patterson.Colour - Straw yellow with glittering highlights.Nose - A rugged fusion of sea spray, bonfire smoke, damp earth and spicy cinnamon immediately arouses the senses. These powerful aromas of peat moss and wet grass must be fully respected before seductive notes of crushed pear, apple and freshly baked bread provide the perfect finish to this memorable melody.Taste - Strong and bold with plenty of backbone and structure as this great monster unfolds its fiery fangs on your palate. This is not for the faint hearted. Take a generous mouthful with a biting wind blowing furiously in your face. Hold it long in your mouth allow the thick tar, peat smoke and creamy liquorice to penetrate every part of your tongue. Time will tame it.There is indeed unashamed beauty in this beast.

Pigs Nose Scotch Whisky (1x 70cl)

The seriously satisfying smoothness of Pig's Nose is achieved through combining oak-aged Speyside, Islay and Lowland malts with superior Invergordon gentle grain whiskies.

Rock Town Apple Pie White Lightening Bourbon (1x 70cl)

A smooth, sweet treat packed with apple and warming cinnamon notes. Just like apple pie.

Rock Town Arkansas Hickory Smoked Bourbon (1x 70cl)

Hickory Smoked Whiskey is distilled from Arkansas Soft Red Winter Wheat – aged in ex-Bourbon casks – with a nice light smokey taste from real Hickory. They took American whiskey distilling techniques and melded it with Scotch whiskey aging techniques to make something pretty special, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey. Rock Town cold smoke the wheat here at the distillery, prior to milling in their own hickory smokers.   This infuses smoke into the grain and the flavor of the hickory carries all the way through to the distillate.

Rock Town Arkansas Single Barrel Bourbon (1x 70cl)

Arkansas, known as “the Natural State”, is home to mountains and rivers, deltas and diamonds, and acres of farmland. When founder and head distiller, Phil Brandon, a sixth generation Arkansan, decided to make bourbon whiskey, he looked to his home state, Arkansas, for the corn and wheat to make this bourbon. This Single Barrel Reserve Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey represents the distilleries highest standards for their bourbon and is taken from their finest world-class casks. Every bottle of our Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon contains full-flavoured bourbon, with notes of caramel, vanilla, oak and spice. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail.

Rock Town Arkansas Young Bourbon (1x 70cl)

Rock Town bourbon is distilled from Arkansas corn and wheat right here at the distillery in downtown Little Rock. They age the bourbon here at the distillery in small new charred oak barrels that were coopered right here in Arkansas at Gibbs Brothers Cooperage. That’s right, they use Arkansas Corn, Arkansas Wheat, distill the whiskey in Arkansas, age it in an Arkansas made barrel to be Arkansas’ first ever Bourbon Whiskey. The Bourbon is milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, bottled and packaged at the distillery in Little Rock. A sweet and smoky perfume of roasted corn, breakfast cereal and brown sugar with delicate baked cherry notes. Smooth and sweet on the palate. Very subtle and deep notes of almond, brown sugar and freshly baked biscuits. The sweet and nutty notes linger into the finish.

Rock Town Rye Whiskey (1x 70cl)

Rock Town Arkansas Rye Whiskey is a premium small batch rye whiskey distilled, aged and bottled at our distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Rock Town take pride in the fact that they grow their own Rye in Northeast Arkansas. As with all their whiskies, rock Town Rye Whiskey is made from grain to glass right here at the distillery in Little Rock. Beginning with batch 12 they changed the mash bill from 88% rye and 12% malted barley, to 52% rye, 38% corn and 10% malted barley.  The rye grain and the corn are grown in Arkansas.
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