An Evening With Jaboulet - 27th May, 2021

The 2021 Exel Wines Zoom tastings continue.

Hot on the heels of "An Evening With ..." Ken Forrester in February, Laura Catena in March, and Esk Valley's Gordon Russell in April, we're finally turning our attention to France.

It's a chance to hear from - and learn about - one of French wine's greats.

We've long had an association with - and huge respect for - Jaboulet (aka Paul Jaboulet Aîné) of the Northern Rhône. As institutions of the Rhône and its appellations goand of Old World wine in general - they sit in the very upper tier. The wines - and especially their flagship, their standard-bearer, the La Chapelle Hermitage - are some of the best known labels and names in French wine.

On Thursday, 27th May, at 7:00 pm (UK time), we'll be joined by for a talk and tasting by Caroline Frey (owner, oenologist and winemaker) and Bertrand Michat (export manager) of Jaboulet.

Like our previous evenings, this is one not to miss.

We've unlimited space for customers and would love you to join us.

For more details, see below. Once again, the evening is free to all comers; you simply buy tasting bottles if - and in such quantity - as you choose.

As usual, we're inviting customers to taste across the spectum of Jaboulet's wines, particularly in price terms.

Some customers seek to join us at minimal outlay, which is absolutely fine and welcomed. On the tasting list are Jaboulet's two excellent Cotes du Rhône, the Secret(s) de Famille; we will taste both the white 2019 and the red 2018.

In the mid-range, we'll be tasting two of Jaboulet's Crozes Hermitages (and, in my view, the best two at that):

- the red Domaine de Thalabert year-after-year stands head-and-shoulders above the typical standard of Crozes and matches that of many Hermitages proper. We're also fortunate to be able to access a Thalabert with age on its side - the 2012 - allowing us to see what good Rhône Syrah does as it ages. The Thalabert has long been a true Exel Wines stalwart.

- The Mule Blanche white Crozes - the 2018 - taken from the same Thalabert plot as the red - is also particularly good. Much of this can be attributed to the high proportion of Roussanne used.

And then we're into the Big One - Hermitage - for those that would like to sample two superb examples. These - obviously -  are not cheap bottles and there is no obligation to do so; we just recognise that some customers like to use these evenings to taste something A Bit Different. There's a choice between:

- the flagship white Hermitage - the Chevalier de Sterimberg 2015 (thus with enough age 'on it' now to make it really quite interesting) or

- the little (red) - but still highly impressive - brother of La Chapelle - the Petite Chapelle - here the 2014 - with a fascinating interesting age profile.


To reiterate: taste one wine with Caroline, Bertrand and us - or all six. Or none at all. It's entirely up to you. In any event, the evening is free to all comers.

If you'd like to join us, please send an email to communications@exelwines.co.uk. We'll get back to you within a couple of days, if not sooner, to confirm we've booked your place and that we will send full Zoom details nearer the date. You can - if you wish - buy tasting wines, safe in the knowledge that there will be a space for you!

We look forward to seeing you at/on the evening.

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